Photo Prompt September 2014

This prompt will last through the month of September. Stories should be brief and capture the moment.  More than one story may be submitted. From the stories submitted, authors will vote on their favorite story based on concept and creativity. One vote per author regardless of the number of stories submitted.

There is no need to rush to be the first poster, so please take your time and edit, edit, and edit. I want your best story posted when you have honed it sharper than your severest critic’s tongue. No edits will be permitted after your story is posted.

If you know of a writer who might like to participate, please send them the link.



10 thoughts on “Photo Prompt September 2014”

  1. Beyond Memories

    The yellowed envelope bears my name, Elain, written across the front in a fine woman’s hand. A blue fountain pen, not ballpoint.

    I shuffle through its contents, strips of contact prints – photos of two women. Some hint of intimacy. A relationship. Written on the backs in a different hand are two names. Alicia. Rose. One is my mother, but I don’t know which.

    Perhaps one day I will choose.

  2. Shames of Gray

    The photographs you took of me, a butterfly in a net you said, captured forever.

    One more trophy, now dry and brittle, pinned to a board.

    My innocence was given for the asking. You could have at least said please. I never said thank-you.

    (Non-competitive, I couldn’t NOT write about them.)

  3. Vietnam 1968

    It just seemed all kinds of wrong.

    Matterson looked at this picture every night. I watched him through the cloud of mosquitoes. He caressed her hair, mumbled some sweet nothing, kissed the photo, and tucked it back into a pocket in his fatigues. I never asked him about her. I probably should have. I don’t even know her name.

    After he stepped into a spike board, I took the picture from his pocket. There is still a smear of his blood on the back. I don’t look there. I just caress her hair, mumble something sweet, kiss her softly, and put her in my pocket.

  4. When we were in high school I thought she was just about the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. She had all that silky black hair, and a body to die for.

    Before our senior year I’d decided I was going to marry her, but there was one thing that had to be done before I could do that. She had to stop showing off her boobs…even the dog loved them!

    I married her. Now I look at those old pictures and wonder where my gorgeous bride has gone.

  5. Double Tragedy
    © 2014 Gale Davis

    It had been a full year since Michael’s personal effects had been received from his commanding officer in Afghanistan. Roger and Claudia both agreed that it would be too difficult to open it so soon after Michael’s death. So they gently placed the small parcel in the back of a closet in their guest room.

    On the anniversary of what would have been Michael’s twenty-fifth birthday, Claudia was attending to her ailing mother in Los Angeles, and Roger was at home alone. As he poured his second jigger of fine Kentcuky bourbon over a glob of ice cubes, his thoughts migrated to the last physical objects held by their only son. He entered the darkened bedroom, reached deep inside the closet and retrieved the carton. He took it to the den, placed it on his lap, and slowly sliced through the packing tape. Carefully wrapped in bubble wrap were his son’s wallet, laptop, and cellphone. Roger, his heart throbbing, and climbing up from his chest, gently opened his son’s wallet. A picture fell out. It seemed to be three pictures taped together. He immediately recognized Michael’s fiance, Sara, in two of the photos, but on the right, he saw an odd picture of Claudia, standing behind a mysterious looking woman. What the hell?

    When Claudia arrived home late Sunday evening, she was not met with Roger’s usual hugs and kisses at the front door. She entered the front hall, and stopped short. Something was amiss.
    “Roger?” she called out, “Are you home?”
    “In the den.” he answered softly, “I opened Michael’s things.” Claudia entered the room and stood behind her husband’s massive leather chair. She put her gentle hands on his shoulders.
    “You poor baby. Why didn’t you wait until I got home. That must have been awful for you.” She looked down and saw the odd photo lying across his lap. He held the photo up.
    “Who is this woman, Claudia? And how is it that I have never seen her before?”
    “Pour me a drink, Roger. We need to talk.”

  6. Krystyna Fedosejevs said:

    Missing Link

    Silence gripped the courtroom. Participants and spectators rendered motionless, speechless. They watched the female judge bend her silvery head to examine articles placed before her. She adjusted the collar of her gown and stared ahead. “Do you have information regarding the victim’s relations, Mister Coroner?” she asked. “Next of kin?”

    The questioned man, having been engaged in conversation, darted towards an empty chair near her. His shadow knifed through the room in jabbing steps. He took his seat and replied. “Not yet, Your Honor. Her parents are deceased. Records indicate a younger sister who ran away six years ago. Hasn’t been seen since.”

    I winced, felt uncomfortable with dangling hair as heat soared in the room. Tension prickled the skin on my arms. I glanced at the strip of photos I kept in my purse. Sister. Glamorous, sophisticated. Her modeling career cut short by murder. I smiled at the photo of both of us. My sister, the only family member I looked up to. When the judge pronounced the session ‘adjourned’, I turned around. Left.

  7. It’s time to vote for your favorite September Photo Prompt Story.

    Voting is open to posted authors only, 1 vote per author, not per story.

    Email your fave to (Don’t post votes here)

    And, yes, you can vote for your own story if you think it the best.

    Voting is open through midnight CST Sunday October 5.

    In case of a tie I’ll cast a vote.

    Thank you for participating.

    October photo prompt will post the day following the completion of September voting.

    Thank you for your participation.


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