Photo Prompt October 2014

This prompt will last through the month of October. Stories should be brief and in 3 paragraphs and capture the moment.  More than one story may be submitted. From the stories submitted, authors will vote on their favorite story based on concept and creativity. One vote per author regardless of the number of stories submitted.

There is no need to rush to be the first poster, so please take your time and edit, edit, and edit. I want your best story posted when you have honed it sharper than your severest critic’s tongue.

If you know of a writer who might like to participate, please send them the link.





15 thoughts on “Photo Prompt October 2014”

  1. Dan Slaten said:

    Alone in the Room

    “I never liked old people either,” Grandpa Henry said in that hoarse, sandpapery voice of his. “They smelled bad, they sounded funny, and they were wrinkly and decrepit-looking. Then one day I became an old person myself and I liked them even less. Nobody wanted to talk to me. Nobody paid attention to me. The funny thing? For the first time in my life I felt like I actually had something useful and important to say. I don’t mean to brag, but I was probably the smartest person in the room.”

    I sat there staring at Grandpa Henry, watching a spider crawl up his lint-covered suit, and I wondered if the spider might make it all the way to the top of Grandpa Henry’s bald head before the old man even noticed it was there. “There’s a spider on your shoulder,” I said.

    Mom came into the room then. “Jerry, who are you talking to? Why don’t you come into the kitchen with the rest of the family? This room gives me the creeps. Do you remember when your Grandpa Henry used to sit in the corner over there and tell stories?”

  2. The Clinic

    He listened with kindly patience as I wept. The sin within my womb now barely the size of my fist. I asked again how much. He replied two-hundred. I reached into my purse – fifty, one hundred, one-fifty, seventy, ninety, two hundred. I handed him the money, his fee. He asked how I heard of him. I said a friend. He didn’t ask about the man who abandoned me.

    A woman wearing nurse’s whites escorted me into an adjoining room. It reeked of antiseptic. She helped me disrobe. I lay on the table of vinyl and chrome. My feet elevated, my legs spread. My body draped in rough cotton in ugly contrast to the silken sheets and sweet champagne memories from a few months before. I closed my eyes as he probed my body. I prayed that he would take us both.

    I passed out and in and out and in. I heard his voice whisper it was a girl. That was the only time he held his granddaughter.

  3. Strong emotion throughout. Loved this.

  4. Grandfather’s Office

    Grandfather was a bookkeeper. Not a CPA. Not a financial planner. He simply kept track of the debits and credits for a handful of businesses in town. Bound ledgers with entries carefully drafted in pen, during the heyday of adding machines. Long before computer technology began eating away at his handful of clients. His life.

    Each morning he shaved, dressed, ate breakfast, put on his jacket, and left for work, taking the fourteen worn steps to his office on the second floor of his childhood home. He sat at the desk that once was his father’s, and when he was tired he would rest on the couch that once graced his mother’s parlor.

    For his birthday, Mandy and I bought a new chair for his office. It was a spiffy modern design, polished chrome frame and padded velour cushions. We thought it would brighten up his spirits. Instead, Grandfather sat in the corner. Staring. As if waiting for the journal entry that would debit his existence.

  5. I sit by my desk in the corner of the room and think of old times. “Old”…another ambiguous word in life. If you are art, a piano or good wine you are highly valued. If you are a person, you are cast aside as if you don’t have anything to offer anymore. You can see it as a rejection as “overqualified” for life…The body overvalued and the mind and spirit of no worth these days.

    I might not be able to run a marathon any longer but my mind and soul have never been fitter. This old mind knows which battles are worth fighting, to appreciate finer things and to enjoy every moment in life as it comes. I am not too busy now to let time go by pointlessly and be lost in either the past or in the future. I live in real time and can feel that a day has in fact 24 long hours.

    I can stand me and spend time with me. I learn something everyday to honor my existence. Here’s to old age and experience. I am privileged to have so much.

  6. It’s time to wrap up this photo prompt from October (Hiding my head) I am working on a new photo prompt for January-February and hope to have the page posted soon. Thank you for your participation. Please vote for your favorite for October. You may vote for your own if you wish. I hold tie-breaker rights.

    Please email your vote to

    Voting will be open through 10PM Central time January 19 and is restricted to story authors.


    • galelikethewind said:

      Jeff My vote for October goes to JD EVANS hands down

      Sorry I haven’t been more active on your blog. Other matters have taken me away from my pen.



      • Hi Gale, good to hear from you again. I forgot to post the voting rules, see amended post. Hope you can get back to your writing, havent seen you in a long time. Jeff

  7. The Winner of this photo prompt is JD Evans. Congratulations on writing a tight piece of flash with so much story. Thank you to all who participated.

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