Welcome to FlashDance where writers can brag a bit about their work and post links to their published online flash fiction. Post links only, not actual stories. And please reserve any comments on linked stories to the FlashChat page šŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “FlashDance”

  1. To get things started, here are a couple of mine:

    Ruby Someday at Boston Literary Magazine by Jeff Switt

    Escape at Dogzplot by Jeff Switt

    Gas Stop at Shotgun Honey by Jeff Switt

    A selection of 50-word stories at 50-Word Stories by Jeff Switt

  2. I have been posting on Six Word Memoirs recently. SIXWORDMEMOIRS.COM
    They also have an App.
    My first entry was “Born poor worked hard retired rich”
    You can also post photos with six word captions.
    A recent one by me was ” Short shorts cover. But not much.”

  3. A recent S3P of mine published at 101 Word Stories:


  4. I have been actively writing and editing this past three months with success.

    A Halloween story, Halloween Coming Out, which was over a year in writing, was published at Every Day Fiction ( EDF, a 1000-word story site)). The site provides star voting system (1 to 5). The result is that this story has placed the best story of all time in the history of the site. The site was established in 1997. Voting is open to all who care to participate.


    A second story, published in November, Going Nowhere, is a story about a carjacking gone bad to worse. It takes place on Highway 82 which connects Wichita Falls, Texas with Texarkana, a route I have driven several times. It currently sits tied for 4th place among stories published over the past 12 months. Voting is open to all who care to participate.


  5. A new story, “Working Overtime” at OUTOFTHEGUTTERONLINE. A wife seeks revenge …


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