Welcome to FlashChat, where writers can exchange personal comments and greetings, and discuss writing in general. Please don’t use for story postings as there are pages for general writing and monthly photo prompt stories.


22 thoughts on “FlashChat”

  1. “Thank-you” to all who have participated in this blog since it began two weeks ago. Its success depends on participation. If you know of a writer who might be interested please send him a link.

  2. Thanks for doing this, Jeff. Are these forums open to the public, or do you need to grant access? The reason I ask has to do with what is considered “published.” For many editors, stories posted in an open forum are considered published and thus ineligible for republication.

    • Jim – WordPress allows me to pass muster on the first post, then subsequent posts roll in automatically. The “published” thing is sometimes sticky. I am more interested in letting all writers access to read and post. I prefer this to be a learning environment more than anything. I guess one could post here and then leave it to editors to catch them if they resubmit to a virgin site. And, if someone wants to submit something from here I will gladly strike it from he blog. But this may be moot as I don’t think postings/comments are internet searchable anyway.

  3. Jeff, you’ve done a great job of putting together a comprehensive gathering place for aspiring (and accomplished) writers. Congrats!

  4. Jeff – really enjoyed your Window piece on Ann’s Blog. You certainly set the bar for the rest of us.

  5. Jeff, Ann’s window prompt didn’t show up for me ’til this morning..weird.

    I’m amazed at the way you can make your reader become your character and feel everything you describe. You’re very good at this, my friend!

    I really got into this one.

  6. jeffswitt said:

    I have been reconsidering my voting on the monthly photo prompt and I am not comfortable being the sole vote. Thus I am suggesting that each posting author have one vote to determine the best monthly story. That will be one vote per author, regardless of the number of stories that author posts.

    Of course, writers may vote for their own story if they wish. In the case of a tie I will wield the sword of justice.

    Voting will likely be by private email to me which I will tabulate and post the name of the winner. Anyone see any major probs with this?

  7. Sounds like a good idea, Jeff

  8. September photo prompt is posted!

  9. Double tragedy was a Photo Prompt for Sept – I thought I had posted lStory in 3 Paragraphs ” for September .. Anyhow, I have one to post..

  10. Still trying to find a way to post a 3 Paragraph Story only for September.

  11. Great job Jeff!

  12. Can writers be too clever for their own, and their story’s good?

    I recently had a story published online at 101 word stories:


    I thought the ending highly clever with hints of its meaning obvious in leading to it. The one response to date liked the writing but didn’t understand the ending. Was I being too clever? Too obtuse?

    Perhaps this is an example of how a writer can be too clever, at least in his mind. After all, if a reader fails to understand the story, regardless of the writing quality, the writer has failed to accomplish his task.

  13. oliviascarlett said:

    I hope you will revive your blog, Jeff. I’m definitely a fan! Keep ’em coming!

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